Kataka Medical Communication

Kataka Medical Communication

Since 2012, our team has delivered innovative programs, meetings and services to the medical community around the world. Coming from Sanskrit, Kataka means link of a chain. This translates into our work in how we link all aspects of the learning process together to create impact and lasting change in behaviour. Our mission is to be our clients’ most-trusted partner when it comes to improving and delivering innovative healthcare communication. 


About Kataka

Since 2012, our team has delivered innovative programs, meetings and services to the medical community around the world. Coming from Sanskrit, Kataka refers to the links of a chain. This translates into our work in how we connect all aspects of the learning process to inspire lasting change in behaviour.

Our mission is to design innovative medical communication by leveraging motivation to deliver lasting change. Our vision is to be a global leader and inspirational partner to clients across industries. 

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In 2016, Kataka marked a decade of delivering the Standing Together Against Diabetes symposium in Asia Pacific. We are proud to have partnered with the American Diabetes Association to have successfully delivered this large symposium. 

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I regard [Kataka Medical Communication] as one of the industry leaders when it comes to supporting the biopharmaceutical industry.
I’ve worked with several other medical education/communications companies and [Kataka] is one of the best with which I’ve had the pleasure to work with.

























We never lose sight of our responsibility to make a powerful difference in people’s lives. To do this, we align our efforts with client goals to deliver a service of the highest strategic value. Our core service areas are:

> Medical Meetings
> Medical Communication & Content Development
> Strategic Consulting
> Digital Production & Management


Medical Meetings

> Conferences and Symposia

We have an established track record of running large-scale, international conferences and symposia across many therapeutic areas. We enjoy the challenge of creating innovative and engaging meetings for large audiences. 

> Advisory Boards/Consultant Meetings

Our team has a wealth of experience in running flawless and productive meetings. We ensure our sessions are designed with extra value-added features that significantly benefit all our attendees.

> Investigator meetings

Clinical trials are a significant investment, and investigator meetings are critical to a trial’s success. Our team’s meticulous approach ensures that these meetings are innovative and focused. 

> Train-the-trainer meetings

Our meetings are second-to-none. Not only do we bring consistently high service quality, but we also bring innovation into meetings that then surpass client objectives. We are consistently rated with top marks by attendees and our clients.  



Medical Communication & Content Development

> Accredited/Non-Accredited Programs 

Working with key opinion leaders, research, academic and industry bodies, we have created remarkable accredited and non-accredited educational programs.

> Unbranded Educational Programs

We have several innovative ways of creating customized education and training platforms around disease-state areas. 

> Needs Assessments

Identifying and articulating needs and hidden barriers is critical for success. We work with clients to get an accurate evaluation of their needs, which is a powerful tool for reaching desired goals.

> Motivational Interviewing Programs

Most programs focus on transferring knowledge in the form of data. Information alone does not guarantee that change will happen. Kataka’s understanding and experience with motivational interviewing techniques allow us to create actual change in behaviour.

> Medical Writing/Editorial 

From accurate meeting minutes to technical report writing across all kinds of therapeutic areas, our expert medical writers deliver and surpass expectations on all kinds of writing and editorial projects. 

> Guidelines Production

Too often, by the time a new Guidelines report is issued, it’s practically obsolete and in need of an update. Innovating the whole Guidelines publishing process, we can create platforms that engage physicians to ensure they are up-to-date and well informed.


Our in-house team has more than a decade of experience in overseeing, managing, producing and delivering slide kits of the highest standard. Presenting information in a clear, clean design enhances retention. 



Strategic Consulting

> Strategic Review Workshops/Brand Mapping

Organizations mature and can sometimes lose strategic alignment in the team. We run innovative workshops that build team cohesion, purpose and strategic focus to ensure organizations choose the best way to move forward.

> Service Leadership Training

We are also the first in North America to offer the ground-breaking Service Leadership Education program. This training can help realign a whole organization to adopt the best mindset for global competitiveness. 



Digital Production & Management

> Live/Asynchronous Webcasts

The realities of accommodating busy healthcare professionals from across international borders have created great opportunities and challenges. We have a solid track record of delivering engaging and cutting-edge webcasts to participants the world over.

> Mobile/Digital Educational Programs

In today’s fast-paced world, digital educational programs must be focused and concise. Our innovations in delivering new-media education have one consistent goal: increasing information retention through participant engagement.

The weeks of work to develop the advisory board, the organization, the support of the team in the design and the on-the-ground organization was truly impressive.
We all walked away with something and most likely had our lives changed forever. It was comforting to know that there are people and corporations out there that really do care about their fellow human beings.


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